Tuesday, December 11, 2007

L1051715.jpg Dignified

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I showed my father one of his pictures in the camera the other day, and he liked it a lot. Usually he doesn't really look. It wasn't this picture, but since people have commented that this one makes him look dignified, I should print it up for him.

My father has had a self-image problem for a lot of years. That he can look dignified will make him happy, I think. And he actually has a lot more dignity these days than he's ever had.

A comment on his red nose here.......I've been making a lot of pictures b&w, partly because of the color issue. I'm not good at color on Lightroom. That means his red nose doesn't necessarily show up. It's red because he picks at it. The nursing home staff remember to put antibiotic cream on it sometimes, and when the sores get really bad, I remind them. Then I guess someone writes it up in the book.

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