Monday, December 3, 2007

My father's first room at the Hebrew Home

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The light is great in my father's room. But the curtains are always closed when I go in. I pull them back. . He has windows facing south, too, perpendicular to this wall. Those curtains, too, are always closed. (They're broken, so my father couldn't open them - he doesn't have the balance to reach up and pull them back.)

And the aides don't put the blue quilt on the bed - it's lightweight and washable, just so he'll have something cozy - so that's another thing I do when I arrive: take the quilt out of the closet and put it on his bed.

I guess they always sleep in the white sheets I see when I go into the room. The rooms are warm, though.

In the summer the rooms are usually warm, but when the air conditioning broke, the rooms were unbelievably hot. I just happened to visit the day after the master air conditioning system broke and went out immediately to buy a big box fan.

The air conditioning was broken for several days. They never informed families, so they could bring fans.

A note: my father's bruises are almost healed. But now he has a sore on his lip. I wonder how often he gets to wash his hands.

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