Thursday, May 17, 2012

menu slip doesn't resemble meal

February 2009....they started "starving" my father early...where is the fish on the menu?where's the squash? Looks like he got egg salad for dinner, not his favorite....

Three years after this my father died.  They never did get his diet straightened out; it only became more challenging because he couldn't wear false teeth.  Too much bone loss in his jaws for the dentures to stay in.

The chewing problem led to a swallowing problem, which meant he was even more limited in what he could eat.  It was just as easy to give him mashed potatoes all the time, regardless of what was on the menu.

I don't blame the dietician.  Her hands were tied by the kitchen staff who ignored the slips, and there was nothing she could do.

My father usually weighed in the 140s, then 130s, and by the time he died, he weighed in the 80s.  At various points he was losing 10 pounds a month.

The doodles on the paper table cloth are his entertainment while waiting for dinner.

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