Wednesday, August 17, 2011

my father's clock

my father's clock by Susan NYC
my father's clock, a photo by Susan NYC on Flickr.

My father never asked for anything - until he asked for this clock. It's special in that it's battery operated and tells the time and day and isn't digital. The Alzheimer's store in NYC sells it.


LizPaintsNYC said...

I didn't realize that there was an alzheimer's store. Is that where people get alzheimer's? (attempt at humor...) I like the clock.

Susan said...

Wouldn't it be nice if the store took returns! (attempt at return humor)

nmintueo said...

I like this clock. Clear, uncluttered display. No nonsense.

Limitations: No year, no am/pm or day/night indication? Has to be adjusted manually for daylight saving time?

What I'd absolutely love would be one with a similarly clear display, radio-controlled, with full date (including year). The clock industry really doesn't seem to be on my side, there.

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