Wednesday, March 23, 2011


L1000996-13, originally uploaded by Susan NYC.

My father has lost so much weight that his clothes float on him.  His sweatpants fit best, and they keep him warm, which he likes.  I've bagged and put away all the pants and shirts that are so big on him now, and the nurse keeps saying she'll give them to men who don't have enough clothing.  In the meantime, the aides find the bags and open them up and put these too-big clothes on him.  

I started taking home  clothing, a bit at a time because it's heavy and I have a walk, a bus, a subway, and another walk to get home.  But I'd rather they go to people at the nursing home.  I give them to a homeless lady who "lives" at my subway stop. I wonder what she does with them.  Anyway, she's happy to take them.

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