Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sylvia & my father with his mouth full

We got back late from the doctor, so Sylvia found his dinner and microwaved it, so it was hot. What a pleasure to have found Sylvia.

I met Sylvia from when she took care of someone on another floor that my father was on (recovering from a shoulder fracture), and I ran into her recently. I wouldn't have hired an aide, but with my father's weight loss and swallowing problems, it made a lot of sense.  And I'm trying to get an extra class each semester to cover the expense.

My father is doing better since Sylvia has come on the scene.  She's there from 4-8, so she can be with him during dinner and take him off the floor after dinner.

He loves to go to the main floor and look at the art.  He's always loved art.  The Hebrew Home has a fine art collection.

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