Monday, December 7, 2009

october 2007

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Charlotte looks so cute in a dress....

Here she's finally deciding her great grandfather isn't going to do anything awful. Because of his alzheimer's, he makes strange growling noises, and he roars, especially at Charlotte because he thinks it's funny that she's scared.

Now, 2009, she roars back. It took her a while to get used to him - especially since she sees my father maybe once or twice a year.

My father has always had trouble feeling good about himself -with Charlotte he can exercise power because she's little. That's a mean streak he's had in him for a long time - he did it to me, to my sister, and to my daughter. And now he's got another generation to "scare."

I wonder how he'll be with Nathaniel, whom he hasn't seen yet. He may not have the same dynamic with a boy.

My mother had the upper hand with him, though. He was scared of her.

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