Thursday, November 5, 2009

He choked on this milkshake

L1036540, originally uploaded by Susan NYC.
My father isn't eating correctly. He almost choked to death on the thick milkshake - he was sucking it in and not swallowing, and it was sitting in his mouth and throat and I didn't realize - and suddenly he started choking. He was able to expel it - with great effort and without the Heimlich, fortunately. His bones are so fragile, the Heimlich would break his ribs. I don't know if he's less able to swallow, or forgetting, or what.

He'll be evaluated probably today, probably. The speech pathologist coincidentally was within earshot of the choking and witnessed it all and went back to his floor with us and reported it. We'll see what they recommend. There are some tests that they might want - but I'll talk to his regular (Mt Sinai ) doctor about them. She knows my father - he's been going to that clinic for decades.

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