Monday, November 20, 2006

my father wrote this letter to God today

11/20/06: We were in the waiting room, waiting for his Alzheimer's doctor, Dr. Scarmeas. My father finished writing and tucked these pages into the tablet. I asked what he'd written and if I could read it. He said, "It's a letter." I asked to whom. "It's to God," he said and handed over the pages.

My father wrote this while we waited to see his Alzheimer's doctor. I've been giving him pen and paper to draw or write, and he's been writing rhyming words and playing with language.

I guess that visit to the synagogue yesterday gave him something to think about. He said he wouldn't give the letter to a rabbi, though - he didn't think the rabbi has a direct line.

I told him I'd save it.

Since my father said "Sure" when I asked if I could show it to the doctor and to the resident who was sitting in on the appointment, I'm taking the liberty of showing it here.

Save me from antiquities
My body is full of them
My soul cries for renewal
And fresh goals
Doubly a new interest
In people and living
Where is there a good body shop
Doctors have increased life
of Body Parts - but not
the will to use them

Send me a Signal
that to keep trying
might be successful
and I'll do it.

As of now - its all
down the drain -

Future - Ambition -
unknown -

An Angel skilled
in rehabilitation will
be welcome.
A. Zever

(I asked who A.Zever is - he said, "As Ever..." and smiled)

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