Friday, March 20, 2009

my father's third room at the Hebrew Home

My father has been in nearly a dozen rooms at various nursing homes over the years, I guess.

This is his third room at the Hebrew Home. The first was when he was walking fine with a walker. Then he feel and broke his shoulder. Since he couldn't use the walker (no weight on his shoulder) he went to a floor with more nursing staff.

Eventually he could use the walker again, but they didn't have the staff to get him back on his feet. So much muscle had atrophied. He learned to speed around using a wheelchair, though, paddling with his feet. He escaped a few times to the lobby because it wasn't a locked unit.

Then they moved him to an Alzheimer's floor, a locked unit, where he was given lots of "floor ambulation" and he can use a walker again, but with supervision. He still flies around using the wheelchair, and even though the elevator needs a code, he has still managed to escape to the lobby.

This is the nicest floor he's been on. However, his first room was a corner room with lots of light, overlooking the river. That was definitely the prettiest room. He loves light.

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